My Name, Your Seal

by S'ambrosia

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released August 27, 2013

Produced and engineered by Greg LaFollette



all rights reserved


S'ambrosia Salina, Kansas

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Track Name: I Don't Need To See Your Face
We've got the kind of love
That transcends the external
It's not moved by what is seen
But sets its gaze on the internal

I don't want illusion
I want reality
Love that thrives on what is seen
Is just a fallacy
That's why you judge the heart of me
You see the truest part of me

I don't need to see Your face
To know You're beautiful
I know Your heart, I know Your love

You read me like a book
You see beyond what's on the cover
So Lord I will search You out
Oh I'm longing to discover
True beauty

Surely, I have seen the goodness
Of the Lord in the land of the living
In the land of the living

And You said blessed are those
Who haven't seen and yet believe
And I believe
To know You is to behold You
Track Name: My Name, Your Seal
My name is on Your hand
You seal is on my heart
I am Yours
You are mine
I am Yours
You are mine

Surely, You've not forsaken me
Neither have You forgotten
Engraved is my name upon Your hand
I hide beneath its shadow

Love, You died because of love
Your love conquered death for me
Love, now I live because of love
Your love binds my heart to Yours

Oh burning flame of love
That many waters cannot quench
Come burn inside my heart
Be my strength, be my seal

Set me apart
Track Name: Zion
I set my heart on a pilgrimage
'Til I appear before the Lord in Zion

The day You formed my inward parts
You sang a song of love over me
I have hidden it in my heart
Now Your song is rooted in my depths
And now I open my mouth and let it flow
From my lips
For I was created to worship You, oh God
Not only on the earth
But for all eternity

So I set my heart on a pilgrimage
'Til I appear before the Lord in Zion

Zion is my hope, my home
I am a stranger on the earth
You set eternity in my heart
Now my soul longs, yes even faints
To dwell in Your courts oh Lord
And see Your face
For I know one day I'll
Come to Your resting place, oh God
And it will become my eternal dwelling place
But 'til that day

I set my heart on a pilgrimage
'Til I appear before the Lord in Zion

In zion, oh
Track Name: Fog of Vain Imagination
Eyes seeking something to behold
Make my flesh rise to glory in itself
Praise is its sustenance
Adoration its desire
Oh how this fallen nature thrives
On stolen love


Oh so wise in my own eyes
Too proud to see that I am blind
Enveloped by a fog of vain imagination
It's too hard to tell if this dream is Your creation
And now this gift that You've given me
Is fueled by pride Your greatest enemy


Oh, Holy Spirit
Teach me to get lower
I need Your direction
Lord, the fog is growing thicker
I know the only way out
Is for me to hit the ground
So I'm falling on my face
Relinquishing all stolen praise
I give it up, give it all back to you, Jesus
I set my heart, set it on You
So I'll always stay

Low, so low
I'll always stay low, so low
Track Name: This Is My Lover
Dark am I but lovely
Persecuted, but not abandoned
Lowly and poor
I've been lifted from the ash heap
And crowned His queen

For this is my lover
This is my friend
I belong to Him
His desire is for me

Chosen am I by my beloved
Favored among the fairest of men
Winter has gone and the spring has come
The season of singing has begun

Bone of His blone
Flesh of His flesh
I am His bride
Born from His side